Short film contest: one year later, what's up with “Toi d'Europe?”

Last year in 2019, the French Office of the Heinrich Böll foundation organized with EuropaNova a short film contest called « Why do I vote for Europe of tomorrow ? », which was meant to give a voice to young Europeans and encourage them to think of Europe as an important issue for their generation. The award for first place went to "Toi d'Europe".

Through their numerous interviews of young Europeans, the future of the European Union was taking shape in all its complexity. A big; multifaceted project, perfectly embodying this "Union in diversity", which enthused both the public and the jury.

Today in 2020, we are pleased to see that "Toi d'Europe" is back with a brand new projet, which follows their first trip - despite the current obstacles. Our two award winners come back with a new serie of interviews of young Europeans called "The Covid19 crisis viewed by young Europeans".

The winning short film in 2019

“Toi d’Europe” back in 2020 : “The Covid19 crisis viewed by young Europeans”.

"Toi d'Europe" is back, and during the lockdown in spring, Mathilde and Sophie of Toi d'Europe were eager to know how the crisis was experienced in the EU, and also how young people were imagining the Union after the Covid-19 crisis. This time, they did not go on a physical tour in Europe but instead they went on a virtual Europe tour. Country by country, they present to us the testimonies of European youth.

Video: Presentation of the project

Covid19 crisis viewed by young German

If you would like to watch the other videos that Toi d'Europe did, for example on Bulgarian or Maltese youth, check out their YouTube Channel on this link !

Covid19 crisis viewed by young French

Covid19 crisis viewed by young Italian